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Building, launching and growing your start up has its own unique challenges. We’re a community that’s sharing our experiences, insights about building our own business.

This team is composed of a group of startup CEO’s media producers, and a variety of other creative professionals working together to help scale businessess ventures. We emphasize individual talents through unique networking opportunities and sound resources.

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From Idea to Conception. If you’re building your personal brand, growing your audience and launching a business, there’s no better way to achieve success than to learning from experiences and get insight from your peers.

You’ll be joining a group of vetted influencers, founders and team leaders. A group that is passionate about building ideas, creativity, and knows how to build an audience. In our community, we have individuals who have acquired an audience of millions of followers and have generated over $5 million in sales. If your goals align, join us!


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Helpfluencers is passionate when it comes to helping others succeed, which is why we are giving you free access to our resource library.

Tedd, the Helpfluencers founder, is a rare entrepreneur who understands culture, people, business, and technology. There is a reason why he has a “category killer’ domain name!

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I’m Tedd, I run the venture agency Almost Famous Group and host the Podcast Helpfluencers. I build & grow marketplaces to facilitate others in building their dream career.

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Helpfluencers is a professional and friendly online community offering resources and support to connect entreprenuers and influencers to solve their toughest business challenges. 

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