Helpfluencers Episode 3

Tedd Bernard with Dominic DiMaria

"Utilize the overlap technique and take the time that it takes to be qualified to move into something a little bit less structured."

Introduction: We are currently in an entrepreneur economy space!  This is exciting as individuals are looking to start their own business or grow their business like they never have before.  I am here to help with that! People are giving up the 9-5 life, which has become the new “normal.” HelpInfluencers helps you learn how to navigate this new career path with people just like you.  Come learn and be a part of our group today!

Today’s Topic:  Today on the show we have Dominick producer branding expert digital marketing out of Los Angeles.  Dominick runs a company called Soul matter. They do original movies and TV original content. He is also a producer with a company called territory 6 and he does high end flagship commercial brand films for daring brands. He is also one of the founding partners of helpful answers.  Dominick once works for Apple but was very passionate about becoming an entrepreneur.  In today’s episode Dominick will talk about his departure from Apple, and his pursuit of entrepreneurship!   


In this episode, you’ll hear:


·         How to attract the mentors.

·         The pros and cons of an entrepreneur.

·         The essence of having control of your time.

·         The significance of connecting with people.

·         The relevance of having your own brand or name.

·         The relevance of influencing people with your own identity.

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