Helpfluencers Episode 5

Tedd Bernard with Tim Co and Dominic DiMaria

"If you actually want to survive a gig economy, you need to be getting feedback on the things that you're doing constantly."

Introduction: We are currently in an entrepreneur economy space!  This is exciting as individuals are looking to start their own business or grow their business like they never have before.  I am here to help with that! People are giving up the 9-5 life, which has become the new “normal.” HelpInfluencers helps you learn how to navigate this new career path with people just like you.  Come learn and be a part of our group today!

Today’s Topic: Today on the show we have Tim Cason. Tim is the owner and manager/partner of Fueled on Bacon. About 10 years ago Tim ventured into start-ups and eventually had a bunch of projects which led him to a small marketing agency with a decentralized team that was able to collaborate and work on projects. Tune in to our episode to find out why Tim loves to collaborate, and how this played a vital role in his success!

    In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • For every unique idea is execution, hence, execution is to transition.
  • Create before somebody else recreates your creation.
  • Losing is part of gaining.
  • Criticism is constructive and feedback is constant.
  • The significance of sharing resources back and forth.
  • The importance of having the right tools for you.

What did you think of today’s episode? I hope that it inspires you to continue taking action in your business, and remain focused.



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