Helpfluencers Episode 10

Tedd Bernard with  Sasan Tabib

"I think it’s important to have a money plan, especially in the  US, it’s more money driven than anywhere I’ve ever lived. Especially here, I think it’s very important to have a money plan. But also if money was no object, what would your plan be? Ideally, your money plan and your what if money wasn’t an object, both plans go hand in hand, then it’s beautiful.”

Introduction: We are currently in an entrepreneur economy space!  This is exciting as individuals are looking to start their own business or grow their business like they never have before.  I am here to help with that! People are giving up the 9-5 life, which has become the new “normal.” HelpInfluencers helps you learn how to navigate this new career path with people just like you.  Come learn and be a part of our group today!

Today’s Topic: On the last episode of 2019, I am excited to have Sasan Tabib. Sasan is a multidimensional entrepreneur, he’s the founder of Europe’s #1 semiconductor distribution company, he’s a movie producer, coach of a football team in Germany, and now he’s turning his ability to build powerhouse companies and to leadership coaching. I am excited to close out in 2019 because this opportunity gives me the momentum to grow in 2020. I am honored to have Sasan on the show today because he is one of my original mentors. Sasan is responsible for me getting a passport. In this episode we will talk about how community leads to success, what today’s leader should know about building a successful business, and tips for 2020.

    In this episode, you’ll hear:

The relevance of having an attainable and achievable short-term goal.

  • The importance of winning the battle against yourself.
  • Challenge yourself to change yourself.
  • Unleash the inner leader in you.
  • The relevance of finding relevance with your craft.
  • The essence of being compliant over being complainant.

What did you think of today’s episode? I hope that it inspires you to continue taking action in your business, and remain focused.



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