Helpfluencers Episode 11

Tedd Bernard with Dianna Lesage

"First fan community by far is to find others that are intrested in same thing with you and also get like you dont have spend all of your time explaining its someone who have been interested in the first place"

Introduction: We are currently in an entrepreneur economy space!  This is exciting as individuals are looking to start their own business or grow their business like they never have before.  I am here to help with that! People are giving up the 9-5 life, which has become the new “normal.” HelpInfluencers helps you learn how to navigate this new career path with people just like you.  Come learn and be a part of our group today!

Today’s Topic:  Dianna Lesage is an entrepreneur by both passion and profession. In 2018 she founded Studio Upstart, a news and content site to help entrepreneurs and investors learn about Startup Studios. Since launch, she is attracted thousands of entrepreneurs to her ecosystem.  After two years, she identified there was demand for a more interactive platform and thus she created Studio Upstart- Build, the world’s first Startup Studio community membership platform. She is here today to talk about the Startup Studio industry and the value of community platforms.

    In this episode, you’ll hear:


  • The importance of knowing your interests and interested people.
  • The essence of focusing on your content and sharing it.
  • Community engagement is important to learn rapidly.
  • The importance of creating startup ventures.
  • The relevance of voicing out the voices in your mind visually.
  • The significance of giving yourself a credit.

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