Join a group of influencers creatives entrepreneurs collaborating on projects and building brands.

The future of work is independent, yet collaborative, challenging but fun, and most importantly, equitable. Get paid plus equity.

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How does it work?

Imagine if Soho House and Upwork had a baby with the energy of a Silicon Valley startup.

Connect, learn, and co-work with your peers.

Enjoy life on your terms – have fun, travel, and experience new adventures.

Collaborate on exciting projects and business ideas.

Earn both money and equity.

Next Steps

Embrace a hybrid approach, work:

Building starts with the community

How Rihanna built Fenty Beauty

$1.2billion brand
$1billion brand

Let's bring it closer to home

Meet people like your fellow Soho House member, your WeWork or coffee shop coworker, or your Summit Series wellness teammate.

Meet Executors

These are poeple like you with big ambitions, building businesses and growing.





Project Manager


Why Join?

Rising Tides Lift all boats.

Who’s doing what we’re doing?

Skool is a community platform.

Creator party is one of them.

The influencer podcast hosts workshops and masterminds.

But there are whatsapp groups
Coworking Space
Networking Events

Our Vision


Our goal is to engage with vetted creators and influencers, along with service providers such as designers, website developers, and publicists.


We're targeting creators interested in startup brands and businesses focused on research and development or innovation.


Create a deal flow that not only pays you but also provides equity. So, whether you're lounging on an island or taking a trip, weathering a burnout or heartbreak, your work continues to reward you.

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