Brand Development & Strategy

With unparalleled access, consumer behavior knowledge, experience and established relationships, Fresh Media Inc. has executed innovative brand strategies to introduce music, films, and consumer products to reach the elusive 16-35 yr old market. Fresh Media Inc. works directly with clients from initial stages to execution providing integrated marketing techniques.

  • Consumer Insights,
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Digital Positioning
  • Channel Strategy

Helpfluencers will recommend and outline the types of content that will work best as owned media to help achieve your content marketing goals. Options include website content (from category content to product content and more), social media content, articles, landing pages, visual content such as infographics, as well as other marketing content unique to you.

Quality visual designs highlights your content, makes it easy to consume, and adds credibility to your message.

Let Helpfluencers handle all your visual content needs and create a look that builds your brand, engages your audience and enhances your image.

Content Creation

Event Planning & Production

Helpfluencers offers sponsorship for its own events as well as the ability to field and negotiate opportunities for appropriate third party events. These range from celebrity-studded red carpet events to loft parties attended by trendsetters who define urban lifestyle culture. 

Helpfluencers can create dynamic event packages to help make each occasion become a memorable one. We are vastly experienced in creating extensive packages that evoke a sense of excitement and professionalism for any event.

Helpfluencers looks to collaborate with each brand to create unique, specially tailored media materials that address the communication challenges presented to us.

We love nothing more than to work with our partners in conceptualizing “out of the box” assets for advertising, social media, marketing, events and event activations that are logical, creative extensions of a brand’s directives and goals.

Media Assets

Creative & Product Design

Let the Helpfluencers team know any creative design needs you may have, and we can prepare a cost-effective proposal to execute. You work directly with our designers so they hear your needs, goals and requirements first-hand.

  • Branding
  • Tone Development
  • Visual Identity Development
  • Product & Packaging Design

Strong and time-trusted ties within a wide range of industries allow Helpfluencers to execute creative marketing initiatives that bring the directives of multiple brands and businesses to be mutually beneficial.

Helpfluencers frequently fosters relationships between brands and people of disparate industries but similar interests to help knock down the barriers and stereotypes that plague the community of marijuana users.


Influencer Programs

A brand ambassador can help you reach both awareness and revenue goals for your brand through influence and commitment.

Helpfluencers has a broad relationship with key influencers within the market who can help spread your message and brand to a global audience with services such as ideation and management.

A smart strategy starts with a top-to-bottom analysis of your social channels.

Everything from how your competitors are doing, to what your consumer truly wants.

After we assess, we’ll identify areas of opportunity so your brand can really flourish.

Social Analysis

Our Clients

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